How Accurately is the M777 Howitzer Hitting Targets On The Battlefield


How Accurately is the M777 Howitzer Hitting Targets On The Battlefield
How Accurately is the M777 Howitzer Hitting Targets On The Battlefield
The M777 (photo:

How Accurately is the Hitting Targets On The Battlefield is a light and maneuverable 155mm howitzer built by BAE Systems' US division with a maximum range of 25 miles. It is among the newest shipments of US arms to arrive in as part of the latest round of military aid. In addition to the US, Canada, Australia, and Germany have also reportedly supplied the M777 Howitzers to Kyiv.

Now let’s take a look at the M777 weapon system and its capabilities.

The M777 matches the firepower of current generation 155mm towed systems at less than half the weight. The howitzer is equipped with a 39-calibre barrel. The muzzle velocity is 827m/s. The maximum firing range is 24.7km with unassisted rounds and 30km with rocket-assisted rounds. The M777A2 can fire the Raytheon Excalibur GPS or Inertial Navigation-guided extended-range 155mm projectiles using the Modular Charge Systems (MACS). Excalibur has a maximum range of 40km and an accuracy of 10m.

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The M777 is able to deliver up to five rounds a minute under intense firing conditions and is able to provide a sustained rate of fire of two rounds a minute.

In terms of mobility, The M777 has a production weight of 3,745kg and can be transported by helicopter, transporter and ship. The howitzer can be towed by an air-braked 4×4 vehicle greater than 2.5t. The M777 howitzer is considered lightweight coming in at 9,300 pounds due to the use of many light titanium parts.

So, how does the M777 howitzer hit targets on the battlefield?

The M777 can use a technology called Rocket Assisted Projectile (RAP) to give it an extra push out to longer ranges. It also achieves increased accuracy due to its M982 GPS Inertially-guided Excalibur rounds. The accurate Excalibur munition can be fired in glide mode such that its apex can be programmed in by the gunner, instructing it to glide in at a low or high angle to the target.

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With the aid of special ammunition the M777 can reach a target at 25 miles with a Circular Error Probable (CEP) of 16 feet. CEP defines how many feet of error you get with certain ammunition: The greater the distance the larger the CEP.

Dozens of artillery systems supplied by the United States to Ukraine were not fitted with advanced computer systems, which improve the efficiency and accuracy of the weapons.

Howitzers without a computer system can still be fired accurately, using traditional methods to calculate the angle needed to hit a target. Modern computer systems, however, rule-out the possibility of human error.

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