Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S


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Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S
General HMMWV Humvee Light Truck (U.S) – (

Top 5 copied from the U.S – As China's military has developed, the country's military-industrial complex has struggled to keep up with demand. China's state-run arms industry has gathered expertise through any means required, and they regularly manufacture weapon systems that are far too similar to American designs to be a coincidence. Its expanding military and growing assertiveness have been reinforced by weapons cloned from the arsenals of other countries. From ships, Humvees, airplanes to drones, what are actually that military equipment that China duplicated?

Here are the Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S:

Since 2007, the Chinese army has used the Dongfeng EQ2050, a Chinese replica of the American Humvee. The first American m998 vehicle was observed by Chinese military officials in 1988, and it was initially thought excessively expensive, but after the Gulf War in 1991, it became more affordable. When the Humvee performed admirably, Chinese officials changed their minds, and a few civilian Humvees were purchased in the United States and brought to China in the 1990s, where they were investigated and reverse-engineered, by 2003 two Chinese clones were ready. One of them was SAC SFQ2040, another was Dongfeng EQ2050. Both of these vehicles heavily relied on copied US-made parts, such as chassis, gearbox and even engine.

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Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S
Chinese Dongfeng EQ2050 Brave Soldier (Photo:

2. F-35 vs FC-31
Observers detected a remarkable resemblance between China's stealth aircraft and the F-35 joint strike fighter when it made its first full-scale public presentation in 2014.

Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S
Shenyang J-31 which was unveiled in late 2014. (Photo:

Despite the fact that the J-31's precise specifications are unknown, the J-31 and the F-35 share virtually equal weight height and wingspan. Unlike the J31, however, the f35 has a sensor package that gives the pilot a greater view of the battlefield and functions as a flying data hub for transmitting target tracking information.

3. X-47B VS
The Chinese Star Shadow is a promising drone which is developed by Star UAV System Co. Ltd. The Chengdu, China-based firm is considering exporting the ground-breaking drone which is definitely based on America's current X-47B.

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Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S
Northrop Grumman X-47B Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) (Photo:

The designers might have easily gotten access to technology stolen from a wrecked American RQ-170 drone in Iran and papers on stealth technology handed to China by a US spy, in addition to the public images of the X-47B. It's unknown whether Star UAV System received information through cyber espionage or the Chinese government, if at all, but the X-47B and the Star Shadow are strikingly similar.

4. MQ-1 Predator VS CH-4
The Chinese long endurance drone resembles the American MQ-1 Predator drone in appearance and mission as well as altitude range and weapons. This Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle, which is remotely-controlled via satellite can carry a variety of missiles, briefly was popular among Middle East militaries that balked at the cost, politics and paperwork associated with acquiring armed drones from the United States.

Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S
Chengdu Wing Loong “Pterodactyl” UAV (Photo:

Moreover, The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation didn't come up with this design on the spur of the moment. However, they make it at a lower cost, giving them an advantage in exports. Additionally, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq have all acquired the CH-4B armed version, and the type has been employed widely on operations in Yemen and against ISIS targets in Iraq.”

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5. The VS C-17
Rolling off the line in June 2016, the Y-20 is slightly smaller and lighter than the American C-17, with which it appears to be a close relative. Despite its relatively small size, it is a large cargo jet capable of transporting Chinese major battle tanks and other equipment across the globe. In 2009, a former Boeing employee was convicted of selling technical data for the C-17 to China when the Y-20 was still in development. Aren't you sure it's just a coincidence?

Top 5 Chinese military weapons copied from the U.S
The Chinese heavy lift Y-20 aircraft at the Zhuhai Airshow in 2014. (Photo by, CC BY-SA 4.0) (

Anyway, if you know more any other possible copied weapons, please feel free drop your comment below, that's all for today, see you next time!

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